LIGHTHOUSE: Scholarship in the 7 most promising data fields of 2024

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Jun 25, 2024

Scholarship, classes with the Indicium team, and a chance of employment: LIGHTHOUSE is the program that will change the course of your career in data.

Boost your professional trajectory by participating in real projects and gain experience working at a leading data company in the Americas, Indicium.

LIGHTHOUSE is designed for those who want to start a career in this field but already have some familiarity with the subject.

It's a 6 to 12-month paid online study journey.

Choose one of our tracks and apply by July 5th.

LIGHTHOUSE: What is it and how does it work?

LIGHTHOUSE is a scholarship program in data science by Indicium.

If you are familiar with this field and want to develop further, LIGHTHOUSE is for you.

If you live in Florianópolis, São Paulo, or New York, you can use the Indicium offices to attend classes, study, and practice.

Explore our Tracks

We are one of the leading data companies in the Americas, and through LIGHTHOUSE, we open the doors for you to participate in our main areas.

  • Data Tracksome text
    • Data Analysis
    • Data Science
    • Analytics Engineering
  • Dev Tracksome text
    • Data Engineering
  • Data Business Tracksome text
    • Data Project Management
    • Data Products
    • Data Consulting

You will develop skills and learn techniques by working on real projects.

And you'll boost your career under the guidance of top professionals at Indicium.

LIGHTHOUSE: Is it for you?

LIGHTHOUSE is for those who...

  • Want to boost or start a career in data, dev, or business.
  • Are about to graduate and want to prepare for the data job market.
  • Have a background in exact sciences, technology, and related fields (such as engineering, business administration, economics, etc.).
  • Wish to become a data scientist, data engineer, analytics engineer, data consultant, data product manager, or data project manager and already have some understanding of this universe.
  • Are already in the job market, have basic knowledge about data, dev, or business, want to transition to one of these fields, but don’t know how to start.

Is this you?

Then apply to LIGHTHOUSE here.

LIGHTHOUSE: Prerequisites for participation

To participate in LIGHTHOUSE, you need to have:

  • Familiarity with data concepts and tools;
  • Availability to commit for at least 6 months, 6 hours daily, from 1 PM to 7 PM, starting in September;
  • Intermediate English proficiency at minimum;
  • A desire to build a successful career in data, dev, or business.

Do you meet all the prerequisites to join LIGHTHOUSE?

Then apply here.

LIGHTHOUSE: Selection Process Stages

To join LIGHTHOUSE, you must go through our selection process, which is divided into four stages.

1st Stage

You start by filling out the form. After submitting your data, we will redirect you to a page with instructions on how to continue your application process.

We will also send an email to the registered address with this information to facilitate your access whenever needed.

Pay attention to the deadlines and emails we send. This is how you will receive the challenges and tests. Always check the spam box if you can't find them.

2nd Stage

You will have 2 calendar days from the application date to complete 3 activities:

  • A logical reasoning test;
  • An English test;
  • A technical aptitude questionnaire.

And 7 calendar days from the application date to complete 1 challenge in your chosen area.

3rd Stage

We will review your challenge, and if approved, we will schedule a conversation to introduce Indicium’s culture and get to know you better.

4th Stage

After passing the selection process, get ready to start your 6 to 12-month training in LIGHTHOUSE.

Apply here.

LIGHTHOUSE: In which data field do you want to work?

The differentiator of LIGHTHOUSE is the knowledge tracks offered:

You will follow the track that best aligns with your interests and skills, and we will help you develop further in this area.

Theoretical learning is directly applied in practice through real projects at Indicium.

You will experience the work environment of a major data company and have Indicium in your portfolio.

And best of all: you will receive a scholarship to study with us.

LIGHTHOUSE: A Gateway to Working at Indicium

We invest in your potential and want you to succeed in the data field you choose.

Upon completion, besides all the knowledge acquired, you might receive an invitation to continue working with us.

Just like Bruno Pacheco, our current mid-level analytics engineer.

He went through his journey at LIGHTHOUSE with dedication, and at the end of the training, he was hired.

Check out his testimonial here.

Do you have any doubts that the LIGHTHOUSE program from Indicium is the ideal path to boost your career in data?

Then start your application process today!

Apply here.

LIGHTHOUSE: Boost your data career in 2024

Scholarship, classes with the Indicium team, and a chance of employment: LIGHTHOUSE is the program that will change the course of your career in data.

Apply for LIGHTHOUSE; it's free!

Follow all the steps of the selection process and submit the challenges on time.

Take this first step towards your promising future in data.

Apply here.


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