Data Products

From conception to implementation, we create data products that drive the growth of your business.

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Why choose our data products?

Unlock the potential of your data with products tailored to your company's needs.

Ícone inovação estratégica

Strategic innovation

Discover the meaning behind data terms and platforms in a fundamental course.

Ícone acessibilidade e usabilidade

Accessibility and usability

Our products are intuitive, making complex data accessible to all teams.

Ícone impacto

Measurable impact

We focus on tangible results, providing not just insights, but practical solutions.

Ícone suporte contínuo

Ongoing support

We maintain a lasting partnership to ensure that our products evolve with your business needs.

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From conception to transformation: navigate the life cycle of our data products

Discover how we turn ideas into impactful products, guiding you through a complete development cycle, from strategic analysis to capturing accessible results.

Business diagnosis

Macro mapping and diagnosis of area assignments, digital transformation initiatives and analytical maturity.

Deliverable: Business Context Canva


Opportunity mapping

Detailing and deepening gaps in area assignments and opportunities.

Deliverable: Product Mapping Canva


Product design

Macro mapping of area processes, understanding the scope of the project, list of functional requirements, product success metrics and usability aspects.

Deliverable: Product Design Canva


Product plan

Technical detailing, definition of technical requirements, estimation of development effort.

Deliverable: Roadmap and Product Backlog


Agile development

Execution focused on enabling flexible and agile delivery that generates value over time.

Deliverable: Product Features


Change management

Implementation plan and routine monitoring of product use.

‍Deliverable: Roadmap and Product Backlog



Tracking the results of product success metrics and measuring ROI.

Deliverable: Results Report



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Indicium's unique and innovative method for creating data products.


Business diagnosis
Mapping opportunities


Product design
Product plan


Agile development
Resource prioritization
Development and testing
Backlog review


Change management
Monitoring results

Imagem produtos de dados

Modern data solutions at your fingertips

In the information age, data is the most valuable asset. At Indicium, we don't believe in generic solutions. We create tailor-made data products, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

We are a benchmark for the best and most innovative technologies on the market

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Why choose a data product with Indicium?

Ícone estrutura cloud

Cloud structure

Our cloud-based infrastructure offers exceptional scalability and reliability, allowing you to grow without heavy investments in hardware.

Ícone velocidade de implementação

Speed of implementation

Our solutions are implemented quickly, allowing you to start using valuable data in a matter of weeks, speeding up your decision-making.

Ícone governança


We prioritize security and compliance. Our products ensure that your data is protected and complies with strict regulations.

Ícone sem lock-in

No lock-in

Our solutions are flexible and don't tie you down to a single option, allowing smooth integrations with other tools.

Ícone ferramentas especializadas

Specialized tools

Our products come with advanced analysis tools and are ready for AI implementation.

Ícone flexibilidade técnica

Technical flexibility

We adapt our solutions to your specific technical needs, ensuring that your platform meets your unique data and analysis demands.

What customers have to say about Indicium

"We didn't yet have a structured BI team when I started working at Edenred and, after we created the team, Indicium brought us a more front-end working model, optimizing time in the data engineering area. The coolest thing was that Indicium fitted in with our way of working, bringing several results to Edenred."

Aguinaldo Rodrigues
Head of Data - Edenred

"Our Data Driven Journey began in 2010, but in 2020 we saw the need to structure the data. Indicium entered this process with us in a partnership model, understanding our needs, translating the entire technical data system into a more accessible language where we could implement it and bring results to the Group Moura as a whole."

Augusto Monteiro
Systems Coordinator - Moura Group

"The only difference between data and oil is that oil may one day run out; but over time, the number and volume of data has only grown exponentially, which is why we turned to Indicium."

Wendel Bitencourt
Data Coordinator - Burger King

Indicium is driven by data and specializes in creating data science, analytics and AI solutions

We are an awarded data company worldwide for our advanced solutions.

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