Indicium is driven by data and specializes in creating data science, analytics and AI solutions

We are an award-winning data company worldwide for our advanced solutions.

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Data that revolutionizes

+6 Years

Experience in Modern Data Stack


Implementations of Modern Data Stack


AI/ML Models in Production


Data Products Implemented


ROI for Customers


Certified Professional Certifications Delivered


Consulting Projects Delivered


Specialized Professionals


Hours of training delivered

Our journey


We started with two people, incubated and improvised in a corner of a room. And the best-known data tools on the market were our basis for starting work.


We moved into the first official room, and from there we launched our first two data products: Data Driven Prospecting (PDD) and Data Driven Marketing (MDD), which was Indicium's flagship product.


We made a technological leap: we created DSAS, migrated to ELT and started delivering much of what we still do today. At the same time, Indicium Academy and our first international data project were born. And the team? 24 people.


We focused 100% on data products, launched Dados 360º and specialized in the Modern Data Stack (MDS). Indicium became recognized as one of the largest big data and analytics companies in Latin America.


We picked up the pace, expanded to the US, launched another data education project, Lighthouse, and have now successfully executed more than 110 data projects. We've added 75 people to the team.


We won sixth place in the EXAME Magazine - Business in Expansion ranking in the US$ 500k to US$ 1M category. We obtained a Platinum partnership with dbt, and our elite team reached 100 people.

Selo dbt platinum
Selo snowflake partner
Selo Negócios em Expansão Exame
Selo Great Place To Work
Selo Innoway Acate
Selo top big data analytics company
Selo Top B2B Services Clutch


We won the GPTW seal and were recognized as the leading data company in certifications. We were once again ranked by EXAME magazine, now in the US$ 1M to US$ 6M category. We've gone on to achieve much more with an elite team of more than 230 people.


We are 250 datanauts. We presented at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit. We inaugurated new offices in São Paulo and New York. We received a Series A investment round from Columbia Capital, and this has consolidated us as the leading MDS company in Latin America.

Our values drive us

Data first

We are data driven. We put data first.


We have the courage to face and overcome business challenges.


We adapt to new challenges and circumstances.


We create quality solutions for high-impact results.


We are driven by new ideas and innovation.


We are collaborative by nature. The exchange of experiences drives our growth.


We maintain ethical and transparent management at all levels.


We like to learn and teach. Sharing experiences is part of our culture.

A fast and intelligent elite team

We are more than 230 people specializing in different areas, such as:

Data engineering

Data science

Analytics engineering

Data analysis

Project management


UX/UI design

People management

Working at Indicium means designing the frontier of knowledge

If you want to work in a healthy and collaborative environment, apply for one of our vacancies and grow with us.

"Sharing the values of a company that seeks to be a benchmark in the area of data, that values a collaborative environment and invests in the training of its professionals would be enough to make me proud to be part of the Indicium team."

Eduardo Lisboa
Analytics Engineer Manager

"Indicium has a very strong positive culture! The organizational values are lived out in practice. Collaboration, transparency and innovation are some of them. The atmosphere is light and the people helpful. As head of the People and Culture team, I'm very proud to be part of a company that values its employees."

Cíntia Lopes
People and Culture Manager

"Indicium is synonymous with growth and constant evolution. I found the space to work autonomously and develop professionally. The work between areas is collaborative and suggestions are listened to. The training initiatives are robust and taken seriously; they benefit employees from onboarding to leadership positions."

Ornella Rizzi
Training and Development Coordinator

"Since I joined Indicium, we have undergone several changes in strategies, processes, methodologies, etc., always adapting to achieve greater quality and excellence in our projects. Indicium's ability to maintain the essence of its values and culture in the midst of these changes is impressive. In all areas of the company, there are people with a thirst for learning and sharing."

Pamella Tancredo
Team Lead Designer

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