Data engineer: who are you, what do you do, how much do you earn?

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Apr 22, 2022

Anyone who is data engineer creates and maintains pipelines, generating demand for data scientists, and has an average starting salary of R$4,500.

In short, this person will:

  • design and build distributed systems;
  • create reliable pipelines (the processing steps);
  • combine multiple data sources;
  • interact with data science and analytics teams to be able to build very specific solutions.

Let's now clarify the details of this area, the scope of activities, detail how much you can earn and how you can take off as an engineer or data engineer .

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Engineer or data engineer: who is this person?

A data engineer is the person responsible for creating, structuring and maintaining data projects (pipelines).

Here at Indicium, in this position, the person must have a set of skills:

  • techniques - to create and maintain the entire data infrastructure;
  • and communication - to understand, identify and pass on insights to the business team.

Working in data engineering, you must also have some skills, such as working within the DataOps culture, understanding data architecture, and mastering the construction of data warehouses to also guarantee the extraction and transformation of information with agility and security.

And working as an engineer or data engineer, if you also understand management, business analysis and data visualization, you will certainly stand out quickly.

What is done in data engineering?

Anyone who works in data engineering, or with digital technology in general, must have already worked hard to explain what they do to someone who doesn't understand the subject.

As we said before, the data engineer will work designing and building software (distributed systems), creating processing steps (reliable pipelines), combining diverse data sources, and interacting with business, data science and analytics teams to deliver very specific solutions.

Let's detail...

When dealing with databases, the person will maintain several different platforms, according to the requirements and restrictions already raised for the systems to be built.

And you will also do modeling and development, maintaining high-level code, and working with a focus on extracting and making data (from a company) available so that data scientists and analytics engineers can continue with their respective activities throughout the data project.

And there's more!

It is the engineer or data engineer who must deploy, monitor and maintain the servers of a data infrastructure, orchestrating the containers and clusters, and also building specific automations within these machines.

And this person must know how to integrate different data sources from different massive data processing engines.

And your biggest goal? Maintain data availability.

What is the salary of a data engineer?

It's clear that this is an essential role in a data project. And did you know that the search for professionals in this area is increasing?

See that on Linkedin there are more than 2,000 open positions!

And regarding data engineer salaries, according to Glassdoor, the national average is over R$7,000.

Those just starting out receive around R$4,500 per month in Brazil.

But those who already have more experience are receiving a salary of around R$13,000, and the prospect of growth in this income doesn't stop there...

In short, supply and demand are evident in the current scenario, and this makes data engineering a great career option to pursue. Do you agree?

How to become an engineer or data engineer?

Without glamour, to be an engineer or data engineer you will have to study incessantly and be patient. And wanting to understand several things at the same time makes a difference!

In general, the higher education of those entering the field is in computer science , but degrees in related areas also bring many people to data engineering .

You can look for courses and training that have a bias towards developing these skills that we list in this article.

Starting here at Indicium is a path!

We believe that knowledge is the light for the current technological blackout - too much demand and too little supply of (good) professionals.

Therefore, data education is also a scenario where our company has been operating.

In addition to Indicium Academy, our data and analytics education platform for those who already have more experience in data science , we now have the Lighthouse program for those entering internship or trainee positions.

Lighthouse promotes six months of training for those who are still in their undergraduate studies or have up to three years of training, and want to start a career in the data field - including data engineering!

Therefore, if you want to be an engineer or data engineer, master many technologies and have an incredible career, this profession is certainly the one for you!

And this scenario should remain this way for the next few years, as there are many, many, many companies that have not yet undergone the urgent data-driven transformation.

Include reading our blog in your studies. We have a lot of material with precious and accessible information that will certainly be useful to you on your professional journey!


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