The 4 stages of a data science consultancy

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Jan 13, 2021

There is no magic recipe for implementing a data-driven culture in your company. Therefore, our tip is: do a data science consultancy with experts in the field.

If the importance of having a data strategy is still not clear to you, we can help with that!

Here, you will learn step by step how a data science consultancy works , in addition to understanding why it is so necessary to invest in it as quickly as possible .

How does a data science consultancy work?

First, let's explain why hiring a data science consultancy service is so important. Let's go!

Having an organized and structured data cycle requires investment in people, culture, technologies and processes, as well as a more precise context about your organization.

And a complete service like this, which contributes so much to your company achieving competitive and analytical advantage, begins with data science consultancy .

Now yes, do you want to know how it works?

We divide the process into 4 steps: discovery, x-ray, diagnosis and, finally, the development of a personalized data strategy for your business.

We detail each of them for you, follow along!

The stages of a data science consultancy

The main objective of the data science area is to extract value from data . The person who does this is the data scientist , the one who, to do this, asks questions such as:

  • What data sources do we have available?
  • Which ones have the most immediate value ?
  • What are our options for processing this data?

Our secret is: we do all this in an organized and fluid process , which covers your organization's data structure from start to finish. It's a method created by us, which we call " 360º data consultancy ".

It delivers more relevant and assertive results for you. Understand how it works below.

Step 1: Discovery

Before anything else, we need to do a 360º immersion into your company's ecosystem.

To this end, meetings are held between your team and the Indicium team to analyze the objectives and restrictions of your business structure .

In this first stage of data science consultancy , we understand the main business priorities and how data and analysis align with your delivery of commercial value.

Step 2: x-ray

After the initial understanding of the business and with the aim of identifying its data maturity, the technologies and processes used by your company are mapped.

As a result, at this stage of data science consultancy , we have a complete overview of how your organization is doing. It is from this that we will be able to move forward and lead your company to growth and exceeding goals.

Stage 3: diagnosis

In this step, we identify which stage of the Data Driven Journey your company is in based on the information collected in the previous steps.

By knowing the current stage you are in, the path to the next becomes clear and easier to achieve.

And if, before undertaking a data science consultancy , you already want to know which stage your company is in, click here to read our complete content on the Data Driven Journey .

Step 4: Custom data strategy

Once we reach this phase of data science consultancy , we will have a complete map of your organization. At that point, it will be possible to build a personalized data strategy, completely suited to your business .

With this, either your team can carry out the actions internally, or you can let us do it for your company. We have experts available to solve all your data science problems with our 360º data service.

Why invest in a data science consultancy?

Business and society are always facing uncertainty. In this scenario, where creativity is essential to find more efficient solutions all the time, it is important to seek to strengthen your information structure .

The most resilient companies are those modeled for change and strategically aligned with data-driven business decision-making .

As you saw in this article, more than acting in data science consultancy , we literally democratized data science for companies of all sizes.

With our partnership for a data science consultancy , you will be able to reduce risks, improve results, grow your company and exceed goals .

So don't waste time, come and do a data science consultancy with Indicium !

Indicium's data science consultancy has everything you need

Here at Indicium , you can hire a complete data science consultancy , in addition to following us through every step of your journey with our DSaaS service .

Indicium's DSaaS ( Data Science as a Service) was created with the aim of helping companies of all types make better decisions .

Our mission is to minimize the "I think" in leaders' vocabulary and spread a personalized data culture for your organization, in a scalable and successful way .

So, let's talk about your projects?

Click here and schedule a data science consultancy for your company today .

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