At Indicium, we offer advanced data solutions tailored to boost the success of your company in the manufacturing industry.

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Analysis of production efficiency and OEE

  • Get a global, centralized view of production line performance.
  • Identify and act on bottlenecks, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Smart maintenance

  • Analyze the performance history of machinery and equipment.
  • Use sensor data to monitor and plan maintenance intelligently.
  • Avoid the costs of unplanned downtime by improving equipment availability.

Demand forecasting and stock optimization

  • Use historical data to forecast demand for products and components.
  • Maintain optimum stock levels to avoid excesses or shortages of products and materials.
  • Reduce storage costs and improve stock management.

Product quality analysis

  • Monitor product quality data to identify defects and variations.
  • Take corrective action based on the analysis of the data collected.
  • Improve final product quality and customer satisfaction.

Real-time analysis

  • Analyze supplier performance, quality and compliance data.
  • Reduce risks in the supply chain and improve collaboration between stakeholders.

Customized generative AI solutions

  • Customize AI solutions according to the specific challenges and opportunities of your business.
  • Gather the data you need and gain valuable insights with generative AI.
  • Enable data driven decision-making to achieve operational efficiency and performance improvements.

End-to-end data solutions

Data source

  • ERP
  • MRP
  • MES
  • SCM
  • WMS
  • APS
  • CMMS

Data platform

Data product

  • Analysis of production efficiency and OEE
  • Smart maintenance
  • Demand forecasting and stock optimization
  • Product quality analysis
  • Evaluating supplier performance
  • Customized generative AI solutions

Centralize your company's data on a customized platform and make valuable information available to business areas through data products such as Customer Analytics, BI, generative AI and much more.

Indicium is driven by data and specializes in creating data science, analytics and AI solutions

We are an awarded data company worldwide for our advanced solutions.

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