Analytics Engineering training: generate the innovation and analytical maturity that companies want

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March 27, 2024

Study at the 1st Analytics Engineering Training in Brazil

Analytics Engineering Training by Indicium Academy is the best modern data analysis course: it trains data professionals to leverage companies.

After all, Excel or Power BI are basic tools, and much more is needed to overcome the challenges companies face when building a modern data infrastructure.

You need a solid data culture and top professionals who are constantly developing.

Be that person!

Learn how to structure solid databases. Get a holistic view of the analytics process. Master the most modern approach to data. And improve your analytical knowledge.

Study the best course in modern data analysis: the Analytics Engineering Training from Indicium Academy.

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Analytics engineering: learn what Indicium does, from end to end

The field of data science has been around for about 30 years, but analytics engineering is still a little-known area.

Perhaps you've heard of it, and it's already an urgent necessity for those in a hurry to grow with a data culture.

And since human capital is recognized as our most valuable asset here at Indicium, we are investing in it with this project.

The Indicium Academy, our data education platform, is based on teaching everything we do to our clients.

Our goal?

Teaching you or your company how to do what we know how to do with data, from end to end.

Analytics engineering: 1st national training, exclusive content

The Analytics Engineering Training by Indicium Academy is the best modern data analysis course: it trains data professionals to leverage companies.

And look how interesting it is: the idea of designing this content was born out of our needs and training for potential new hires.

By teaching what we do, we have created our own exclusive, complete, end-to-end content on the analysis process, entirely in Portuguese.

All this material was created by our teacher Daniel Avancini (master's degree from UFRJ, co-founder and head of data science at Indicium).

And Analytics Engineering Training also teaches those who want to learn how to combine technical knowledge with strategic business notions, designing and analyzing dashboards to deliver consistent information to decision-makers in companies of all sizes.

Indicium Academy: train yourself in analytics engineering

But not only.

Our platform offers other short and long courses, in addition to the complete training in analytics engineering.

Our mission with Indicium Academy is to democratize the analytical advantage through data.

To do this, we worked through all five stages of what we call the Data Driven Journey.

And each stage of this journey presents different needs for: data, technologies, processes and... people. Our most precious asset, remember?

So it's by investing in our team's knowledge that we've grown exponentially since our inception in 2017.

Today, we already have clients among the largest companies around the world.

And, according to the Clutch, we are one of the leaders in data science and analytics in Latin America.

That's why we want to show you how we develop data-driven strategies to make a company really grow.

So if you want to master the latest analytics tools and receive up-to-date content with the skills most in demand in the market, check out our courses and training.

Training in Analytics Engineering

It's no secret: Indicium is a data company in New York and in Brazil.

And we hope to grow even more...

In 2019 we launched our study platform with the exclusive and complete training in analytics engineering but we're not stopping there.

Our training rocket will continue to rise because we are also in a hurry to expand an already highly qualified team in order to guarantee the excellence of our solutions at all times.

To promote a learning process that effectively prepares analysts to revolutionize the decision making of organizations, governments and people through data analysis, Indicium Academy students will have:

  • live classes with our teachers;
  • tutorials with experts;
  • complete and exclusive content;
  • weekly practical challenges based on our real success stories;
  • and a great chance of being hired, both by us at Indicium and by our clients and partners!

Analytics Engineering Training is for...

A first Analytics Engineering Training is for you:

  • already works in the area, but has not yet mastered the end-to-end process;
  • have already mastered Excel, but not data warehouses and Power BI;
  • already works well with data and is looking for a successful career in analytics;
  • and for you who are interested in a partnership to promote this knowledge and train your team.

And if you know anyone who might be interested in taking off on this learning path, share this news!

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