Empower every arm of your business with data education.

Explore the future with Data-Driven Day

The event that transforms data into strategies, bringing business language closer to the analytical universe.

Data immersion

Discover the meaning behind data terms and platforms in a fundamental course.

Map opportunities

Take part in interactive activities to identify opportunities for data products within your company.

Create data products with impact

From concept to reality, explore data product engineering to drive tangible results.

Connect with leaders

Join managers and business professionals on a unique journey to maximize the value of data.

Transformation in a day: how Data Driven Day reinvents the relationship between business and data

A disruptive event that unites knowledge, strategy and action, creating a crucial bridge
between business areas and data projects.

Who is Data Driven Day for?

Strategic leaders

Empower decision-makers with key insights to drive the company's strategic vision.


Turn managers into data driven leaders by equipping them with the essential vocabulary and knowledge.

Business professionals

Offer professionals the opportunity to become data champions in their area of expertise.

How does it work?



Share the agenda and goals for the day.


Data fundamentals course

Course to train managers in the terms of data and platforms.


Discovery of data products

Practical activity to map opportunities, led by Indicium's Data Strategy and Data Products department.


Data product design

Design session to transform opportunities into tangible products, guided by Indicium's Consulting and Data Product department.

See what our customers had to say about Data Driven Day

"All the mega-important material, given in a simple and clear way."

"Excellent content, disruptive and with many possibilities for application."

"A very important topic for new business models."

"Excellent lecture, very intuitive and easy to understand."

"Well prepared, clear information, excellent presentation."

"Perfect content and presentation."


Data fundamentals course


Data literacy course

"I want to congratulate you on Data Driven Day! Thank you very much for the event! The whole organization and conduct was perfect. I'm receiving nothing but praise from the participants, which I could see throughout the day."

Market Intelligence Specialist
13 years with the company and PO of the Data Analytics Project

Boosting results:
What do you take away from Data Driven Day?

In addition to transformative knowledge, Data Driven Day delivers accessible tools to drive innovation and efficiency in your data projects.

Event report

a) Identification of pains and needs: a deep dive into business area issues related to data.

b) Detailing and prioritization of opportunities: with data source, product details, KPIs and an estimated roadmap for development.

c) Estimated timeline: clear planning to take prioritized opportunities from paper to reality.


Client portfolio control dashboard

A revolution in portfolio control, providing:

- Detailed information on debts and payments.

- Monitoring guarantees and risks.

- Post-credit control: amounts granted, life cycle and future forecasts.

- Daily updates with automatic alerts: stay ahead with real-time insights.


Data Driven Day

Intensify the data culture in your company by engaging the leadership of your organization.

It delivers a high-value, ready-to-use data product that meets the needs of your company's financial and commercial department.

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Empower your team of experts with the best in-company training platform in data science, analytics and AI.

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What customers have to say about Indicium

"We didn't yet have a structured BI team when I started working at Edenred and, after we created the team, Indicium brought us a more front-end working model, optimizing time in the data engineering area. The coolest thing was that Indicium fitted in with our way of working, bringing several results to Edenred."

Aguinaldo Rodrigues
Head of Data - Edenred

"Our Data Driven Journey began in 2010, but in 2020 we saw the need to structure the data. Indicium entered this process with us in a partnership model, understanding our needs, translating the entire technical data system into a more accessible language where we could implement it and bring results to the Group Moura as a whole."

Augusto Monteiro
Systems Coordinator - Moura Group

"The only difference between data and oil is that oil may one day run out; but over time, the number and volume of data has only grown exponentially, which is why we turned to Indicium."

Wendel Bitencourt
Data Coordinator - Burger King

Indicium is driven by data and specializes in creating data science, analytics and AI solutions

We are an award-winning data company worldwide for our advanced solutions.

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