Indicium receives Advanced Innovation Culture seal in the Innoway Acate 2022/2023 survey

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December 8, 2022

Indicium received the Advanced Innovation Culture seal - Innoway Acate, which certifies companies capable of positively impacting the market and society.

The first report of the innovation culture survey mapped companies in the greater Florianópolis region, which is known for its ability to generate technology-based businesses, and highlighted those with the most innovative journeys, and that this has much more to do with people than with machines.

Find out below how this certification works and Indicium 's trajectory to reach an advanced maturity of innovation culture .

Innoway Acate Advanced Innovation Culture Seal 2022/2023

To close the year with a flourish, we received the Advanced Innovation Culture seal from Innoway Acate.

The research aims to map the maturity of the innovation culture of companies in greater Florianópolis, also known as Silicon Island, due to their ability to generate technology-based businesses.

This project aims to give prominence and protagonism to people as responsible for innovating within companies, seeking to raise awareness among organizational management of the need to adopt increasingly humanized methodologies .

With this, the report is based on an artificial intelligence (AI) called Innovation Power, which dictates innovation culture maturity rates based on two pillars:

1 - people: individual intrapreneurial capacity combined with an adaptable culture to respond quickly to developments and changes in the company is assessed;

2 - innovation science: the sustainable approaches chosen by organizations are evaluated so that they can evolve their innovation culture with consistent metrics and results.

The seal, finally, certifies companies that have had their innovation cultures evaluated as being fluent or advanced .

Indicium's culture of innovation

Indicium received the Advanced Innovation Culture seal - Innoway Acate, which certifies companies capable of positively impacting the market and society . And we are very happy for this recognition because we invested a lot of energy in people and data , in knowledge and methodologies, from the beginning and throughout our entire journey.

The culture of innovation is in Indicium 's DNA.

In 2022, we grew exponentially in projects, clients and the number of people who make up our professional team. In fact, to increase the team and improve hiring processes, we adopted a culture of people analytics, which helped a lot with talent management .

And now, as the Innoway report shows , we have greater capacity to:

  • positively impact the market and society
  • intensify the relationship of trust with stakeholders
  • generate ROI and better competitiveness
  • gain recognition as a strong employer brand
  • become attractive to the best talent

And that's what's already happening!

Indicium: advanced maturity in innovation culture

And we will advance even further, because our innovative journey has no end.

The Innovation Culture Report brought us insights to evolve in key points and several resources that we can take advantage of.

We believe that this initiative will bring innovation and evolution to many more companies in our region, but not only that. And we (at least here at Indicium ) will already feel the impact of this movement in the next research report.

If you want to be part of this with us, check out our available positions here and come on board, because we have a lot to learn together!


Bianca Santos


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