Indicium and Bruno Fontes at the Paris 2024 Olympics: data optimizing performance

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Jul 10, 2024

The combination of sport and data is very powerful. That's why Indicium is sponsoring Olympic sailor Bruno Fontes at the 2024 Olympics in Paris. 

This union aims not only to boost Bruno's sporting performance, but also to highlight the crucial role of innovation and technology in the world of sport. 

In addition, the partnership between Indicium and Bruno Fontes is built on a solid foundation of shared values and goals: excellence, innovation and perseverance.  

Read on and find out more about our partnership. 

What do sailing and data have in common? 

Sailing is a perfect metaphor for the world of data: both things require the skills to read the environment, identify opportunities and make quick, accurate decisions. 

Indicium, with its focus on data analysis and strategic decision-making, finds in Bruno Fontes a partner who embodies these skills.

And the company's connection with sport goes beyond shared values: CEO Matheus Dellagnelo was a two-time pan american champion sailor, and his deep relationship with sport was essential to his growth in the business world, resulting in great achievements here. 

Data, performance and strategies in competitions

The use of data analysis in sailing competitions can impact both the training and performance of athletes and the strategies for the competitions themselves.

For example...

  • Using data to adjust training routes and simulate different weather and sea conditions, according to ongoing performance analysis.
  • Use analysis of wind patterns and sea currents to optimize routes during competitions. 
  • Use sensors to track the speed, direction and angle of the sail, as well as environmental conditions such as wind speed and current to make possible adjustments to the boat's configuration and sailing tactics during races.
  • Using devices to monitor health and fitness data, preventing injuries and ensuring that the athlete is in the best possible shape by monitoring heart rate, stress levels and other physiological parameters.
  • Studying the patterns of other competitors to develop specific overcoming strategies.

So, we can see that the combination of sport and data is very powerful, and the partnership between Indicium and Bruno Fontes exemplifies this. 

About Bruno Fontes

Bruno Fontes, born in Florianópolis, is an Olympic sailor with an impressive record of resilience and achievement. 

He has represented Brazil in several international competitions. 

One highlight is his silver medal at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, in 2019. 

He has also brought home four South American titles, as well as seven Brazilian championship titles. 

And this will be his third appearance at the Olympics, having already competed in Beijing and London. 

He began his career in the sport as a child and, at the age of 44, with the 2024 Olympic Games in sight, Bruno is more motivated than ever to reach new milestones and take Brazil's name to the top of the podium.

And we're going with him!

About Indicium 

Founded in 2017, Indicium is a global data company committed to helping clients modernize and scale their companies for a data-driven future by promoting a data-driven culture.

We specialize in creating strategies and preparing ideal teams for data projects, designing customized methodologies and overseeing end-to-end projects. 

We offer consultancy, training and the development of data platforms and products with data science, data analysis and artificial intelligence. 

All to optimize performance and reach new heights of success by transforming your business based on data. 


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