Brazil at Silicon Valley: Indicium present at the 2022 conference

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May 27, 2022

Silicon Valley 2022 Conference brought incredible people to talk about Brazil's future in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, and Indicium was there!

It was two days in which our CEO, Matheus Dellagnelo , spent the fourth edition of the conference literally breathing, listening to only top people talking about the future of climate, investments, the web, the metaverse, artificial intelligence...

And directly from Mountain View, California, in the USA, he shared all this innovative oxygen with our team, and we will do the same with you!

Dedicate these few minutes to your company and find out what the Brazil at Silicon Valley 2022 Conference is and why we went there.

Brazil at Silicon Valley - what is it?

Brazil at Silicon Valley is a movement led by Brazilian students who live outside the country and study at two North American universities, Stanford and Berkeley, and which aims to improve Brazil's competitiveness through innovation and technology .

In this fourth edition, the conference had major sponsors. Surely, you have heard of some:

And to make this happen, these students organized themselves to create digital products: podcasts, reports and the annual conference, always bringing together big names and big cases to:

  • discuss everything that is relevant to Brazil's technological development;
  • and work to elevate our positioning as a global innovation powerhouse.

In short, Brazil at Silicon Valley was born from this group of students who came together and are now actively sharing cutting-edge content and many practical cases, just the way Indicium likes it!

We went there to watch Brazil take its place of global relevance, and we are here to tell you what happened and how Indicium is already part of this movement.

Indicium na Conferência Brazil at Silicon Valley 2022

The Brazil at Silicon Valley 2022 Conference brought together incredible people to talk about Brazil's future in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, and Indicium was there!


Because the conference aims to help decision makers adopt innovation in their business strategies , and this is also an objective of Indicium.

So, our CEO, Matheus Dellagnelo, went to the event selecting panels related to our segment, data science and data analysis for business, and brought a lot of information, in addition to the certainty that Indicium remains a pioneer in what it does.

Our positioning in the data market became very clear: always one step ahead in our practices. And in this way we are strongly contributing to a positive change in our country's innovation ecosystem.

What is the future of technology and innovation in Brazil?

Well, the slogan for this year's conference said:

“Help in the development of the Brazilian innovation ecosystem. That is our mission.”

So, answering the question in the title, the future is created in the here and now. And as Indicium has already been saying to each client and partner company, and what Matheus has just proven at this global event, the future of technology and innovation in Brazil and around the world still requires the basics:

  • planning
  • systems
  • methodologies
  • technologies
  • Law Suit
  • prepared people

Simple and nothing new!

Basically, we must continue doing our homework: contributing to the development of our ecosystem by taking all our knowledge and commitment to always learning to all companies that want (and practically all that need!) invest in sustainable growth based on on your own data (the famous and modern oil that you have and don't know how to use).

Indicium: data science, data analysis and business intelligence in business management

To paraphrase Saramago, “you have to leave the island to see the island”.

You need to look at your company from the outside and from the front, looking at the whole from end to end, and with real information organized and updated in real time .

You and 99.9% of those who have a business around the world.

Yes, the level of data knowledge applied to business is still very low globally. This was the scenario that we saw confirmed at the Brazil at Silicon Valley 2022 Conference.

What's the point of talking about machine learning (ML) that is being used by Google and Facebook, if business reality is not yet ready to use it? There is a journey there.

Our day-to-day work here at Indicium is to go through this journey with your company.

This involves building an entire technological infrastructure, cleaning data, creating business rules… , and leaving this solid foundation so that it can grow consistently. Which is just the beginning of a data science project for the future of an organization.

You can't skip all this and go for ML.

And Indicium makes all this engineering and architecture work very well, as very few people know how to do, and as most people don't even know it needs to be done.

Honestly, we are still a long way from data science in most companies around the world. Do an honest analysis now, quickly, and answer: how close to innovation do you believe your company is?

We saw the following status at the conference: investors still don't even look at or talk about the data part of their projects.

In other words, the level of the analytical maturity hole in general is much lower…

So, you shouldn't waste any more time if you want to take the top spots in the race with your competition.

What is the future of your company in terms of technology and innovation?

Start thinking about investing in data-driven knowledge for managing your company and all your businesses .

We have experience in multiple data projects , we have mastered the use of business intelligence and data analysis for management of all sizes. It's no wonder that we have been working on the data-driven transformation of the best companies in the world!

We have already overcome many challenges and, as a result, we have created our own successful methodology, which is not even a secret, because we teach everything we do from end to end to each person we work with, whether they are clients or collaborators.

We have a team trained by us following our high quality standards and using the most modern tools on the data market. Therefore, we work infinitely better day after day.

And it is this same training that we offer to clients and people who want to learn how to do the same thing we do with the quality we do.

We don't hide anything from anyone because we believe that knowledge is there to be shared , and whoever wants to take advantage of it must know how to use it. This is how we want to actively participate in this revolution, and we already are!

Indicium is building the future of technology and innovation in Brazil now. And your company can be part of it.

In the same way that Nubank revolutionized the financial market and Spotify, the music market , your company has the opportunity to revolutionize its own market using the best data service for this: Indicium.

Come! Let's work to create the positive change you want for your business. Speak to someone on our team by sending a message now here.

Do you want to know more about our methodology?

With this free e-book, you understand how much more accessible it is to take advantage of this great business opportunity of using data intelligence as a source of competitive differentiation for your company.

Until later!


Bianca Santos


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