7 DIFFERENTIALS OF INDICIUM: protagonist in BI, big data and analytics for companies

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June 3, 2022

Indicium is a leader in data science and analytics because it has cutting-edge professionals with experience in business intelligence, big data and analytics for companies .

We are always at the forefront of the technological innovation market in data science and data analysis, creating big data and analytics solutions customized to each need.

And now we want to show you how we're doing it: Modern Data Stack. The same work that has already leveraged companies that grew quickly and that, therefore, you know at least by name, such as Netflix, Spotify and Nubank. Have you heard of it?

So, by doing what has to be done since we started studying and working with data, today, the big brands that chose us and make up our portfolio speak for us.

Make the most of this reading, as you can start growing and profiting consistently now too.

Tip: the protagonist em BI, big data e analytics para empresas

Indicium has a lot of experience in the area of ​​data for companies. An experience that underpins our high-quality data products, fully customized for businesses of all types and sizes that we serve.

We are bringing data-driven transformation to the companies we work with worldwide, and things are transforming at an increasingly accelerated pace.

If you have already started this movement, but have doubts, problems or if you still don't know what this means in the day-to-day practice of your business, now knowing our differences in everything we do, you can have a light to start or correct your path to success.

Discover the 7 differentiators of Indicium, a protagonist in the execution of modern BI, big data and analytics projects in companies around the world.

1) Experience from A to Z on the Data Driven Journey

Indicium has multiple data projects successfully executed in companies that are among the world's leading companies, with 150, 500 and more than 1.000 employees.

We have already worked in many business segments, and we have overcome all challenges, from companies that had zero structure to those that already had something more robust in terms of data technology .

All this knowledge we use to:

  • go through the steps that we already know very well more easily;
  • overcome the challenges of each new “stone” that appears along the way of a data project;
  • take full advantage of the opportunities identified in the Data Driven Journey of each business.

With our experience from A to Z and our specialized team, we deliver data solutions for all companies, regardless of analytical maturity.

2) Modern methodologies and tools, such as ELT

ELT is part of Indicium's daily routine. It is our bread and butter, but the market has not yet woken up to it.

The ETL process continues to be the most used method in data projects.

However, the (still few) modern companies have moved towards a more agile, scalable, flexible and economical alternative: ELT (extract, load and transform).

ELT is also one of the reasons why Indicium is at the frontier of knowledge, creating the best and most modern data science solutions for companies.

3) Work without lock in

In other words, we work without blocking the functioning of the data project , whether with systems, tools or even specific people.

We generally do this using DataOps , MLOps and DevOps processes, always with a current and efficient stack of tools that facilitate adaptability and project management.

This way, if a client of ours decides to change something in their data project, it will be feasible.

Contrary to what is practiced in the data science market for business, where projects are often tied up, stuck, blocked...

This happens a lot with hiring tools. It is a very critical job when we are faced with the project of a company that cannot move away from a certain tool that was recommended to it, while its price increases, but it needs to be changed for some reason.

4) Modern Data Stack (MDS)

Thanks to new technologies in the era of big data and cloud computing, we have new approaches to help you scale your data operations , such as the Modern Data Stack (MDS).

This is a concept that has come to revolutionize data infrastructure and transform organizations into data driven companies.

You may already know that enterprise data management solutions are under real pressure to be faster, more efficient and capable of handling all information, as the volume, speed and variety of data generated are already at astronomical proportions.

That's where MAS comes in. An approach that Indicium masters and executes like no other data company in the world!

5) Open source, or open source

Another fundamental point of the work that differentiates Indicium 's deliveries, and which has everything to do with MAS, is the combination we make of good practices with several open source tools to respond, in a highly efficient way, to the demands of a data infrastructure complex.

For BI (business intelligence), for example, we have available and use several robust open source alternatives, such as Metabase, and other SaaS platforms, such as Microsoft PowerBI, Looker, Tableau, among others.

But it is important to make it clear that here at Indicium we both work with open source tools and paid ones, managed by excellent organizations. All choices depend on several factors, objectives and project planning.

6) Big focus on governance

Indicium designs and builds data structures that allow the company to grow and maintain the organization and governance of its data.

Information is centralized and easily accessible in one place, simplifying data documentation, allowing the creation of permission logic and improving the management of sensitive data.

We work to integrate and share information in real time, safely and effectively.

To enable this, we use a combination of methodology, training and tools, such as dbt, which promotes intelligent and automated data governance, eliminating all doubts with its version control, tests and alerts for information security.

7) Quality standards, training and lots of partnership

A combo for success! We invest time, put our heads together and teach anyone who wants to learn our entire data booklet. And we do this with great responsibility and quality because we know the importance of sharing information for our evolution ecosystem.

In addition to external courses,  we promote a lot of internal training so that we have a top team with our own standards in the use of tools, methodologies and processes that we also created.

We teach and share all our knowledge with customers, employees, partner organizations, students and with you who follow our content - you've already subscribed to our news, right?

Unlike most other data companies, in each project we execute, we train our team, and our team trains the respective company's team so that all people involved have complete autonomy to maintain the entire system, mainly because, a time, we say goodbye...

It is dedicated, complex work that guarantees the maintenance of the high Indicium quality standard.

Is Indicium for your company?

Indicium is a leader in data science and analytics because it has cutting-edge professionals with experience in business intelligence, big data and analytics for companies.

We deal with our partnerships with the aim of positively impacting each organization so that everyone always wins. And it has worked very well!

We are a team of incredible people working on a major growth project and we are already making it happen with great ownership, responsibility and transparency.

Your company can come along!

Contact us here and find out how you can get started.

Until later!


Bianca Santos


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