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Your company needs to be digitized from end to end. And Indicium has a partnership with one of the best and most promising cloud solutions for this: Google Cloud.

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How the company Stellar Development Foundation reduced it:

➜ The cost of a cloud data platform.
➜ The time it takes to launch BI solutions on the market.


Indicium audited the architecture of Stellar's solutions until it reached the implementation of data migration and fraud analysis services.


The Stellar Development Foundation makes the world's financial system globally accessible to people, regardless of where they live or who they are.

But in order to make this happen more efficiently, Stellar faced many challenges related to the high cost of using hitherto selected technologies and the (in)efficiency of its data architecture.


The company urgently needed to:
1. Optimize the infrastructure.
2. Improve the speed with which they could market business intelligence (BI) solutions.
3. Reduce the costs of all this.


After the data architecture audit, Indicium restructured both to reduce costs and to increase the agility of the (new) infrastructure, improving the efficiency of Stellar's BI solutions.

Products implemented

  • BigQuery.
  • Google Cloud Platform.


The Stellar Development Foundation has reduced costs by 30% with its cloud architecture, which has contributed considerably to improving the company's financial efficiency.

By optimizing the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) architecture with Indicium, Stellar has reduced the time to market for its BI solutions, which has allowed the company to gain a competitive edge and start making faster, data driven decisions.

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