What is data warehousing? Without it, your company is throwing money away.

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Nov 21, 2022

Data warehouse (DW) is a data storage tool that works like a large database optimized for data analytics .

With a DW, you can:

  • analyze large amounts of data at once and much faster than in traditional databases;
  • have reports on everything in real time, understanding why events happen;
  • monitor your company's performance accurately to adjust your business strategies based on data.

Therefore, we say that your company wastes money if it does not have a DW.

In this text, you will better understand what a data warehouse is and how it can (and should!) be applied to your business.

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What is data warehousing?

Data warehouse (DW) is a data storage tool that works like a large database optimized for data analytics .

Generally, we find a company's data scattered across several different sources. It is necessary to collect, transform, filter and organize the most relevant information available, right?

And once this information is properly stored in DW, it's time to use this tool to generate value for your company!

This already explains why the data market is such a competitive environment, and also why we recommend using a data warehouse.

Data warehouse: what is it for?

In addition to having the function of centralizing the storage of large amounts of data, this tool serves to analyze this information, filtering what is really needed, according to your business objectives.

And it also helps make decision-making in your company much more assertive, because with a data warehouse (and trained professionals!) you can:

  • store data for historical analysis that allows for informed comparisons ;
  • present personalized results according to the organization’s needs;
  • facilitate access to viewing relevant information ;
  • analyze marketing campaigns ;
  • monitor market trends ;
  • Among other things.

In other words, by serving as an essential tool for BI (business intelligence) activities, companies that aim for an organized, consistent and prosperous expansion are literally throwing money away by not having a data warehouse.

As you can see, an efficient DW is the guarantee of success for a BI project. So, don't waste any more money on expensive tools and processes without a consistent methodology. Having a data warehouse serves to guarantee all of this.

How does a data warehouse work?

Looking at the translation, you can get an idea: data warehouse means data warehouse. In other words, it is the house where all a company's information is stored .

Basically, through the most modern and agile data loading and processing process (ELT), by centralizing data transformations within DW, the company gains a lot of efficiency in its project.


For example, this centralization allows business analysts, instead of people from the IT area, to define business rules in the data warehouse, which greatly speeds up the project!

Another example, which is a relatively recent innovation, but which is already essential to provide greater speed and consistency to data projects, are cloud infrastructure technologies, such as Amazon Redshift and Google Big Query, which allow storing and querying huge volumes of data much faster and more efficiently.

How a data warehouse can be useful for your company

With a data warehouse, instead of analyzing raw data, it is possible to analyze data according to the organization's needs, that is, the data search result is personalized.

Another use is that the team responsible for analyzing the data no longer has the need to overload the organization's system when extracting information from the database (and then there will be no way to complain about slowness!).

Also very useful is the ease of carrying out queries and performing data analysis, increasing productivity.

And with all this, the greatest use of a data warehouse is to allow exponential and consistent growth for your company.

Indicium can help your company have a DW

Many organizations that already use this excellent tool that is the data warehouse still do not have qualified professionals to work effectively with it. And there's no point in having your dream car without knowing how to drive it...

In other words, a data warehouse can be very efficient for your company as long as you have a data team that knows how to solve your company's challenges.

Here at Indicium, you can count on an effective partnership and a personalized team for your data project .

Have you ever thought about having the best team to work with data warehouse in your company?

We can help you with that! Click here to contact us!

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