Indicium is once again recognized with the GPTW certification

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February 2, 2024

The GPTW seal for Indicium is the result of our commitment to maintaining a healthy working environment so that our talents can soar ever higher.

Indicium was awarded the GPTW seal for being one of the best companies to work for in 2024 and is committed to being a benchmark for the professional development of its employees.

Find out below why we are Great Place to Work and how each datanaut contributes to making this promise a reality.

What is Great Place to Work - GPTW?

The GPTW seal is a global recognition awarded to companies that stand out in promoting work environments that are favorable to the well-being of their employees.

The GPTW evaluation process involves anonymous surveys among employees and a detailed analysis of the practices and policies adopted by the company.

The pursuit of this seal not only highlights the excellence in the treatment given to the members of each team, it also highlights organizations that value innovation, inclusion and professional development.

This recognition represents a significant achievement for us and serves as a solid indicator to clients, partner companies and potential talent of the excellent quality of the working environment here at Indicium.

The GPTW seal recognizes organizations that prioritize the well-being and development of their staff, thus strengthening the essential pillars for their long-term success.

You can check out the ranking of the best companies to work for by clicking here.

What did Indicium do to win the GPTW seal?

The GPTW seal for Indicium is the result of our commitment to maintaining a healthy working environment so that our talents can soar ever higher.

This is reflected in the openness we give to innovative ideas, transparent communication and a lot of collaboration between all the teams.

Indicium 's mission is to build an internal culture based on mutual trust between all datanauts.

That's why, when we saw the maximum score in the areas of leadership, innovation and NPS during the evaluation process to win the seal GPTW the enthusiasm was widespread... 🥹

Image of a GPTW dashboard with the diagnosis of Indicium's leadership stages, with five pie charts separated into columns, each representing a leadership stage, which are: The leader - Unconscious (positive responses below 55%), "The leader - Random" (which had positive responses between 55% and 64%), "The leader - Transactional" (which had positive responses between 65% and 79%), "the Good Leader" (which had positive responses between 80 and 89%) and "the leader For all" (which had positive responses from 90%). Below the diagnosis, you can see the legend for the graph results: Positive, consistently positive experience; Neutral, sometimes positive, sometimes negative experience; and Negative, consistently negative experience. Below the caption, in a green rectangle it is written “YOUR COMPANY IS AT: Stage 5 - The Leader for EVERYONE”.
GPTW chart - Diagnosis of Indicium's leadership stages

The quality of the workplace is directly linked to our success, and this became clear when we looked ahead to 2023.

Last year, Indicium was recognized (for the second time) in EXAME's Ranking of Expanding Businesses, due to our 205% growth.

We are a data company in New York and Brazil focused on advanced solutions in data science, analytics and AI and our results are recognized around the world through awards such as:

Image with nine other seals, in addition to GPTW. The first seal that appears at the top of the image, on the left side, is about the Top Big Data Analytics Company award, 2022. The Platinum seal, from dbt Labs, is in the top center of the image. The third badge, on the top right, is from Indicium's Services Partner Premier partnership with Snowflake. In the center left corner is the Business in Expansion 2023 stamp, from EXAME magazine. The central seal is from the Culture and Innovation award, from Acate, received in 2022/2023. The other badges shown in the image are 2023 awards given by Clutch in the Top B2B Services, Top Big Data Company, Top Cloud Consultative Company and Top Machine Learning Company categories.
Indicium award seals, as well as the GPTW.

IThis has all been possible because we have a team of superdatanauts on this successful journey.

So what did we actually do?

In order to keep our team up to date in the data area, we encourage them to achieve certifications that can add value to their professional careers. To this end, we guide our team with internal training trails and courses to guide their studies.

We strive to make a positive impact on the organizational culture and the day-to-day life of our work environment.

The GPTW seal methodology assesses the level of trust and transparency between the company and its team. To keep this alive here at Indicium, we carry out internal actions such as:

  • Coffe time online
  • Conversation round
  • Coffee with C-Level

And we continue to do everything and more to strengthen the bonds between our team. That's not new.

And in 2024, we will continue to be an incredible place with a healthy environment full of people prepared to overcome challenges with great responsibility and without fear of making mistakes.

We want to win another Great Place to Work seal!

What we're going to do about the 2024 GPTW label

It was the second year that Indicium received the GPTW seal. This shows our alignment with our values:

  1. data first
  2. courage
  3. flexibility
  4. quality
  5. innovation
  6. collaboration
  7. transparency
  8. knowledge

And because we're a data company, we're going to do our homework: identify and analyze points for improvement to further strengthen our work environment in 2024.

All based on data, both internal and from the GPTW survey.

Our quest for success is a collective one, and each datanaut knows that they play an essential role in this journey.

 Indicium employees gathered for a photo in an auditorium. Some are sitting and others are standing. Everyone wears a navy blue Indicium t-shirt.
Some of Indicium's employees.

We will continue to focus on building an increasingly pleasant working environment for the full development of our team.

And you can be part of this moment.

Check out our vacancies by clicking here and come and grow with Indicium.


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