Indicium: 6th place in the EXAME Business in Expansion Ranking

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August 2, 2022

Indicium is one of the largest data companies in Brazil and Latin America, and ranked sixth in the EXAME Business Expansion Ranking 2022 because it has been doing its homework.

We want to celebrate with you and tell you how we started from the "drinking fountain on the ground" until we reach recognitions like this, from the ranking of EXAME Magazine.

And we want to say a big thank you to everyone involved in this collective journey of success. To every Datanaut, to every client.

Get to know the ranking in this article and a little about Indicium's trajectory to be in it.

Indicium in the EXAME Business Expansion Ranking 2022

Indicium is one of the largest data companies in Brazil and Latin America, and this year it entered the EXAME Business in Expansion 2022 Ranking because it has been doing its homework.

Our business model has never been something written in stone, quite the opposite. We are always improving ourselves based on a lot of study and even the resolution of both internal and external problems.

This is how we built our accelerated growth route for Indicium.

We started with a team of 4 professionals, with a "water fountain on the floor" and, so close to our 5th anniversary, when we also reached a team of more than 100 people, we celebrated this recognition: being in 6th place in the EXAME Business Expansion 2022 Ranking.

Being a great reference as a data company, internationally recognized in our areas of data science and analytics, means that we overcome our biggest challenges, correct our mistakes and adjust our sails.

More than that, it means that we maintain each of these items on a daily basis.

EXAME Ranking - Category from R$ 2 million to R$ 5 million

When Indicium received the seal of finalist company in the EXAME Business in Expansion 2022 Ranking, the news came as a big surprise!

Expanding Business Seal, finalist company, Exame 2022.
Expanding business seal, finalist company, Exame 2022.

We competed with 35 other companies in the revenue category between BRL 2 million and BRL 5 million in 2021, and we ranked sixth.

According to EXAME, the top 10 in this category had a growth in their revenues in 2021 between 156% and 898%.

Read an excerpt from the news below:

"[...] Indicium from Santa Catarina is also betting on the advancement of digital in companies that until recently were not concerned with the subject. Opened in 2017 in Florianópolis, Indicium earned 4.6 million reais last year, an increase of 189% in 12 months — the sixth highest evolution among companies in the same category. Indictium's business is to create software to cross-reference the plethora of data generated by a company, looking for clues about where it is possible to reduce costs or exploit opportunities."

On the list of work tools employed by Indicium are trendy topics, such as the agile methodology.

"In the beginning, we did the data analysis and marketing of customers," says co-founder Isabela Blasi. 'In 2020, we closed the marketing area and focused our attention on large customers in search of a complete solution for data".

Today, Indictium's portfolio includes the fast-food chain Burger King, the pharmaceutical company Roche, the retailer Americanas, and the ABB and Moura industries.

The demand from the big companies motivated the opening of a new business front: the training of customer employees to also work as data scientists.

The good moment made the company multiply the number of people by four – now we are more than 100. By the end of 2022, the goal is to reach 130 and expand the operation to the United States, where it already serves five customers."

Awesome, right!?

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