How to use generative AI in sales planning for Black Friday

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Nov 7, 2023

Black Friday is perfect for boosting your sales, especially by using generative AI and forecasting in sales planning.

To get real results with these modern methodologies, achieve a significant increase in sales and promote an excellent shopping experience, your planning needs to be intelligent.

In this article, we show you how to succeed on Black Friday with good sales planning using generative AI and forecasting.

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About Black Friday

Before we dive into sales planning strategies, you might want to know the background to the origin of Black Friday.

Otherwise, skip to the next title.

How did Black Friday come about?

From a famous American tradition. The Friday after Thanksgiving has become a global retail phenomenon.

And, characterized by huge discounts, there was literally a rush of consumers looking for the best deals.

Foto de dentro de uma loja lotada, com muitas pessoas segurando caixas de produtos e carrinhos de compra, demonstrando o grande movimento de uma loja que fez planejamento de vendas para aproveitar bem a Black Friday.
Consumer on Black Friday. Photo: Leonardo Benassatto/Futura Press/Estadão Conteúdo/G1

In Brazil, this date has been shaping consumer habits and is already recognized as a perfect opportunity to increase business revenue.

This year (2023), Black Friday will take place on November 24 and promises to have greater results than last year, when it surpassed the mark of R$ 6.1 billion in sales.

Black Friday shoppers spent a record $9.8 billion in online sales, in U.S.

Have you ever thought about being part of this number?

This is possible with a sales forecast using Generative AI applied to your strategy.

How to start using generative AI

Start with three basic steps.

1. Get to know your company

Answer a few questions, such as:

  • what advantages does your company have over its competitors?
  • what are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • do you know your team's level of AI expertise?

2. Know your audience

A sales plan has its target audience well designed. Answer questions such as:

  • what do you usually buy?
  • what region are you from?
  • what age group?
  • what are your interests?
  • what is your average income?
  • which purchasing channels do they use?

And so on.

3. Define your goals

And draw up an action plan for each of them. Look at previous sales data so you can really make smart decisions.

Getting your sales planning right depends on these initial steps. If you don't have them clear yet, follow them.

And remember that we have the best team to help you get started on this path of no return.

Sales planning with generative AI

The artificial intelligence tools create new content by learning from stored data. That's why using generative AI will be very useful in your strategic sales planning.

Illustration of the use of generative AI in sales planning with a man in the background, his arm outstretched in front of him, his hand in the foreground, in the central focus receiving artificial intelligence in his palm, represented with graphics and the words Ai; ChatGPT; Comand Prompt: .
Illustration of the use of generative AI in sales planning.

In other words, this powerful tool helps you create personalized marketing campaigns , generate relevant content for customers and come up with ideas for exclusive offers and discounts , according to your history.

Generative AI can help transform your brand's relationship with your audience and improve efficiency throughout the purchasing process, taking into account all the data previously recorded.

GPT chat for sales forecasting

When it comes to generative AI, it's impossible not to remember the GPT chat the tool that really exploded the existence of artificial intelligences.

This tool is a generative artificial intelligence online chat bot created by OpenAI which was born in 2022 with the aim of delivering more complex and specific answers than other search engines.

If you don't know much about the subject, you need a strategy to use the GPT chat.

We've written some examples of commands that may be initially useful and serve as templates to help you understand them.

However, the more you develop your commands, the better you communicate about what you want, the better the chat will respond to you.

See below.

  • "Thinking about Black Friday conditions, help me create a product campaign insert your product here. Take into account that my audience is insert age group, customs and location. My sales are insert your sales channels (e-commerce, physical store, both...) and I need an irresistible discount to retain customers. My channels for publicizing this campaign are mainly insert your communication channels (social networks, formats...). My company name is insert here, and my segment is insert here."
  • "How can I create a content strategy for Black Friday that is consistent and attractive to the insert information about your audience and the segment of insert information about your audience and the segment of insert information about your audience?"
  • "Give me some ideas for creating interactive posts that encourage my followers to participate in Black Friday promotions focused on entering your product/segment."
  • "I need new ideas for campaigns, thinking about the most popular products on Black Friday and applying them to the insert your product here product."
  • "Considering that last year, my sales of the product insert your product were insert your results and that this year the market conditions for my product are insert here the trends and information, what can I do to boost my sales and what is the forecast for this year?""My company has insert the corresponding number of sales channels, and the channel that sells the most is insert here. My latest results in each of them were insert here. Thinking about my audience's buying trends insert information about the audience and my product insert your product, what is my sales forecast for Black Friday?"

To have a great source of ideas, keep evolving and adapting your commands. This generates different perspectives for your company to achieve the best results.

With your sales forecast, you can make your action plans much more effective.

Remember that for even better results in data manipulation, you can count on Indicium.

Sales forecast when planning for Black Friday

Sales forecast is an estimate and forecast of the quantity of products or services your company expects to sell based on analysis of previous data, right?

What's new is that this prediction is already being made using generative AI.

And the problem is that it is still as unknown as it is fundamental.

For an organization's good strategic and operational planning, generative AI can help determine more precisely what level of production is needed for each item, inventory, logistics, resource allocation, among other items and processes necessary for the success of your Black Friday operation.

Following this, you will:

  • define the budget making everything easier;
  • have enough stock to meet successful demand.

Analysis of results

Black Friday is the perfect event to boost your sales, especially if you use generative AI and sales forecasting as a strategy.

And after Black Friday, it's time to analyze the results of your sales planning. Evaluate what worked and what could be improved.

Sales forecast plays a crucial role in this analysis, as it allows you to adjust your strategies based on concrete data for your next campaigns.

We can help your company on this journey with AI

Indicium has the most specialized data team, creating solutions for the smartest decisions in New York and Brazil.

Count on us for intelligent sales planning every time. Click here to talk to our team.

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