Indicium: 5 anos e +de 100 pessoas entregando soluções de data science e analytics

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August 4, 2022
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We are Indicium , a data company that is celebrating five years, and we provide data science and analytics solutions for other companies of all sizes, with a specialized team of more than 100 people, our own methodologies and the most modern technologies .

Our solutions transform data into intelligent and accessible decisions for everyone.

We grew a lot by sharing our knowledge internally and externally. And this is how we are forming a very cohesive team in terms of tranquility , quality , commitment , unity . Therefore, there is no doubt about the success of our journey.

Now, we are here to tell our story to you. Read on to learn a little more about Indicium , and you will understand what we can still do for your company.

Once upon a time…

Indicium: who are we, where do we live, what do we eat?

We are a data company celebrating five years, and we provide data science and analytics solutions for other companies of all sizes.

We are a specialized team of more than 100 incredible people .

We have our own methodologies and use the most modern technologies on the market .

And our story began as a great challenge. Creating a successful data company was a dream , but there was no clear vision for the future.

The shared dream strongly involved the certainty of working to make something happen: for Indicium to be a reference company. We wanted no less.

Indicium timeline 2017-2022

Since then, we've woken up every day to solve other companies' data challenges , of which there are still many.

Hint: o complete rocket 5 volts com +de 100 datanauts

In 2017 , we started incubated and improvised in a corner of our investor's warehouse.

Our team was made up of Daniel and Matheus . Soon after, Bela started working together, and Vitor was sometimes hired to meet specific data diagnosis demands .

Everything was very different, from tools to customer prospecting . And our networks and the best-known tools on the market were the basis for starting work.

We studied trying to understand what the market wanted and/or needed . We also did this through validations of our products and services, which were developed throughout the projects.

We created Simplex , our first product, which comprised a testing service with a digital marketing and big data approach .

In 2018 , we got our first room!

We launched PDD - Prospecção Data Driven , which became MDD - Marketing Data Driven and soon became Indicium's flagship product .

That same year, we also launched EDD - Data Driven Expansion . And we finished this rocket ride with a team of 10 people.

And then, we experienced a leap in our technological evolution in 2019 . We created DSaaS . We migrated from ETL to ELT . We know dbt . And we started to deliver much of what we do today.

That was also when we started the Indicium Academy project , still in beta format, with external training trails, tutorials and internal challenges. We closed 2019 with a team of 24 people.

And 2020 was pretty busy too. We started the year with Data 360º running, and we turned our attention 100% to our data products .

We received the Clutch Award as one of the largest big data and analytics companies in Latin America . And, also through Clutch , we are among the best business intelligence consultancy companies ; We were among the top big data analytics companies in Brazil , and we were also ranked among the best B2B companies in Latin America .

Not to mention that our data science consultancy received more than 18 positive reviews from our clients on the Clutch and Good Firms platforms .

And our Indicium Academy became more robust: we started training analytics engineers internally.

We launched MDS - Modern Data Stack and this brought us an extraordinary level of maturity accompanied by technical rigor, which is our hallmark.

And, while all this was happening, the pandemic arrived. A very challenging moment for everyone here. We were very scared, but we had much more courage.

Therefore, success came!

At this point in the journey with our entire team working from home, the agile methodology was fully incorporated into our processes.

We continued to grow and reached 36 datanauts in the most challenging year so far.

2021 has arrived , and we are accelerating the pace of our growth. That's when we recognized that we are not at the frontier of knowledge in the data area , as we thought we were.

In fact, Indicium is demarcating this border with its own hands.

We reached a greater level of projects, challenges and clients. Our internal quality control has improved a lot.

Indicium Academy became a great product and established itself as the first training in analytics engineering in Brazil .

And, boldly, we launched another training program in the data area , Lighthouse - which is also already a success.

This was also the year we began expanding to the United States .

And we celebrated our four years with a brand new room and 75 datanauts on board !

Sala new da Tip - 2021

Now in 2022 , our strong presence in the market has been recognized. We ranked sixth in the EXAME Negócios em Expansão Ranking.

Indicium receives finalist seal in the EXAME 2022 Ranking and ranks 6th in its category
Indicium receives finalist seal in the EXAME 2022 Ranking and ranks 6th in its category

And we have many more reasons to celebrate!

We reached our five-year anniversary with more than 100 people incredibly responsible for the flight of this rocket called Indicium.

“Reaching the milestone of 100 people is extremely significant, a super validation of our business model and the quality of the company. We stopped being small and started to have great relevance in the market, both for clients and new talents. Reaching 100 people also means progress in internal management. With this number, the challenge changes, adjustments are necessary to continue growing in an organized and quality manner.” (Cíntia Lopes, people and culture coordinator)

Yes! We are celebrating a lot!

And we remain more united than ever, agreeing, disagreeing and growing together.

What has changed? All! Except our confidence , everything has changed for the better!


We are more than 100 incredible people , we have our own headquarters, professionals throughout Brazil, and clients here and abroad.

We are at a level far removed from when we started in 2017. It took us two years to visualize a clear path for our growth, reach large companies and be a reference in the data science and analytics market in Latin America.

The best thing is that we still believe that this is just the beginning of our journey.

And the difference is that, now, we can say that we have validated many hypotheses and are much more confident.

Predictions for the future - what we do best!

We cleared a lot of bush, as we always say around here. And today we're celebrating the fact that we've been solving companies' data challenges for five years.

I challenge these, which, as we said before, are still many…

For example: the great and recurring difficulty in accessing one's own information. This is mainly due to the lack of specialized people and a data driven culture.

And, contrary to this, due to lack of knowledge, we find another example: almost always in companies there is an excess of tools and technologies purchased or contracted and, logically, a low return on investment (ROI) in data initiatives.

So, our predictions for the future of Indicium are the same as those we will make for your company: the best! Because predicting the future with data is what we do best.

And we are 100% more assertive than crystal balls!

Grow with Indicium

Our DNA is already in history. We are one of the largest data companies in Brazil and Latin America.

We started from the “water cooler on the floor” (this story is famous here) to become this great internationally recognized reference in our data area.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone involved in this collective journey of success. To every Datanaut, to every customer.

Our team in Agust 2022.
Customer team in August 2022.

And if we have the right to make a request to blow out the five candles on our birthday cake, this request is:

  • We want a partnership to grow with your company!


  • We want to partner with you here, working, learning, teaching and growing with us!

Let's go!?

Take your first step and talk to us, because, one way or another, one thing is certain: Indicium wants (and will go) far with you.

Until later!


Bianca Santos


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