Cloud data warehouse: armazene e gerencie dados com segurança

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December 21, 2021
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A cloud data warehouse is the secure solution for rooms full of servers and still promotes accurate and fast insights due to access, scalability and performance .

Therefore, if you are looking for centralization and sharing of information with autonomy and security between all departments in your company, a cloud data warehouse solution is what you need.

Let's explain more about this. Good reading!

Data warehouse tradicional x cloud data warehouse

A traditional data warehouse has significant differences from a cloud data warehouse . For example, the first is located on a physical server, stored in a space within the company. The second, as the name suggests, is stored in the cloud .

In other words, in practice, to have a traditional data warehouse , you would need to buy the hardware, install it in a server room and hire an IT team to run it.

The good news is that that time has passed. Now, with a few clicks and a credit card, you can have virtually unlimited cloud storage space and capacity .

This does not mean that the principles of traditional data warehousing have been forgotten. The essence of DW underpins much of what cloud- based data warehouses do.

But, regarding the main differences between the two, the cloud data warehouse stands out because:

  • there is no need for physical hardware in the company.
  • You spend less time and money to configure and scale. You can perform complex analytical queries faster because of parallel processing (MPP) .

Cloud DW: secure data storage

A cloud data warehouse is the secure solution for rooms full of servers and also promotes accurate and fast insights due to access, scalability and performance.

And storing data securely is another big difference in using cloud data warehouse . With so many cyber crimes , it is important that companies invest in technologies that guarantee this.

Data loss is a major concern for businesses and cloud data storage serves as an extra layer in protecting the company's precious and irreplaceable files.

And archiving confidential or sensitive documents in the cloud is safer than storing them locally.

For example, with this online service, you can authenticate access to data, which is encrypted , ensuring that only authorized people can access the files.

A traditional data warehouse is typically accessed by people from various teams, from different departments within the company, for different business intelligence , data mining and other operations.

In other words, with a cloud data warehouse it is easier to overcome the challenge of maintaining the balance between providing access to different users and ensuring data security and integrity .

To achieve this, a cloud DW project will involve:

  • a study to hire the most suitable cloud data warehouse tool for your company.
  • strict control so that people only access the data they need to do their jobs.
  • the development of measures to protect the networks in which data is maintained.
  • control over data movement, always considering the security implications involved.
  • the management of personal data following the collection, processing and storage guidelines established by the LGPD .

This way, there is much greater control and, consequently, more security.

Cloud data warehouse: access, scalability, performance

With a cloud data warehouse , you can access your company's information from anywhere in the world with more efficiency and lower operating costs.

Furthermore, the optimization that this service brings to businesses in terms of accessibility, scalability and performance is notable . Follow along!


We use all types of devices every day, such as smartphones, notebooks and desktops . In this scenario, sharing and accessing files analogously between each of them can be a laborious and complex task.

This is one of the reasons why online storage services , such as a cloud data warehouse , are so popular. With them, people can access systems and files from anywhere they have an internet connection, on any device and at any time.

For those who work remotely or have teams spread across the world, for example, this is an essential solution.


Scalability means that you have the possibility of either extending contracted functionalities to meet greater demand, or reducing them if necessary.

From time to time, every company comes to a time when it needs more space to archive data and various information.

For those who have cloud storage solutions , the solution is easy! A few clicks, a credit card and that's it: teams now have more space to work.

Therefore, organizations that want to expand their business must use a cloud data warehouse to store their data and meet new needs without slowing down business activities.


In a cloud data warehouse , the backup process , for example, is automated , that is, much faster . You just need to select what and when the tool should backup, and it does everything for you!

All your data is stored in a practical and safe way, and can always be consulted very quickly .

How can your company have a cloud data warehouse?

If you don't already work with a cloud data warehouse , it's time to change. After all, the traditional data storage process does not allow sharing files among your team, limits access, has less security, in addition to having a much higher cost.

It is very important to ensure that your company's most important data is safe and available when needed, which is why hiring cloud storage services is essential.

However, if you are going to migrate from traditional DW to the cloud, there are several fundamental requirements that must be evaluated.

For the migration to be efficient and not generate negative impacts on your company's business, it is essential to follow a plan , which will guarantee data migration in a reliable and more agile manner .

We have organized this process into four essential steps for you to better understand. Youre gonna need it:

  1. accurately map all systems, data, applications and information that must be transferred;
  2. search for a cloud provider on the market that offers the ideal solutions for your business;
  3. list priorities to know which data should be moved first;
  4. update and train teams so that everyone takes full advantage of the potential of the new cloud data warehouse .

Our tip is: consider hiring a company specialized in this service . This will certainly save your time and money.

Do you want to implement a cloud data warehouse in your company?

The cloud data warehouse is one of the technologies that guarantee the digital transformation of modern companies .

If you want a solution to keep your organization always ahead of competitors, count on our team of Indicium experts to help you migrate your data to a DW in the cloud .

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