Data Strategy Consultancy

Get precise insights and tailor-made strategies with Indicium.

Discovery: understanding your business in-depth

In the discovery phase, we go deep into your business to understand your data needs and challenges.

Clear business requirements

We identify and define your business requirements in detail.

Process diagnostics

We carry out an in-depth analysis of your current processes.

Data sources and access

We identify data sources and how to access them efficiently.

Missing and necessary data

We determine which data is crucial but currently unavailable.

Impact on operations

We assess how meeting your needs will positively impact your operations.

Data Infrastructure Diagnosis

At this stage, we focus on a complete assessment of the data infrastructure, ensuring effective planning for a modern architecture.

Understanding the implementation challenges

We analyze the key challenges in implementing data solutions.

Analysis of the framework and current strategies

We evaluate your current framework and strategies in use.

Tools and infrastructure needs

We identify your needs in terms of tools and infrastructure.

Data structure mapping

We map the existing data structure, including the staff and systems involved.

Mapping data sources

We identify the necessary data sources and their owners

Get a complete implementation plan and expected results for your company

This is the culmination of our data consultancy, where we consolidate information and present structured plans for your company to achieve the success you want.

Discover Indicium's strategy products

Explore our customized strategies products, designed to unlock the maximum value from your data and accelerate your company's growth. From innovative strategies to effective execution.

Complete Data Consulting

Strategic consulting to guide data-driven transformation. Using Indicium's own methodology, considering People, Organization and Data.

Data Driven Day (DDD)

Data literacy dynamics and data product mapping carried out with you over the course of a day-long event.

Data Product Discovery + Design

Consulting for the mapping, design and implementation of data products that unlock business value.

Data Architecture + Implementation

Consultancy to define and implement a suitable data architecture for building a data platform.

Data Team Building + Hiring

Consultancy to guide the construction of a data team, where we also carry out the hiring and onboarding of professionals.

Data Governance Consulting

Consulting to improve your company's data governance.

Why choose Data Strategy Consultancy with Indicium?

Ícone estrutura cloud

Cloud structure

Our cloud-based infrastructure offers exceptional scalability and reliability, allowing you to grow without heavy investments in hardware.

Ícone velocidade de implementação

Speed of implementation

Our solutions are implemented quickly, allowing you to start using valuable data in a matter of weeks, speeding up your decision-making.

Ícone governança


We prioritize security and compliance. Our products ensure that your data is protected and complies with strict regulations.

Ícone sem lock-in

No lock-in

Our solutions are flexible and don't tie you down to a single option, allowing smooth integrations with other tools.

Ícone ferramentas especializadas

Specialized tools

Our products come with advanced analysis tools and are ready for AI implementation.

Ícone flexibilidade técnica

Technical flexibility

We adapt our solutions to your specific technical needs, ensuring that your platform meets your unique data and analysis demands.

What customers have to say about Indicium

"We didn't yet have a structured BI team when I started working at Edenred and, after we created the team, Indicium brought us a more front-end working model, optimizing time in the data engineering area. The coolest thing was that Indicium fitted in with our way of working, bringing several results to Edenred."

Aguinaldo Rodrigues
Head of Data - Edenred

"Our Data Driven Journey began in 2010, but in 2020 we saw the need to structure the data. Indicium entered this process with us in a partnership model, understanding our needs, translating the entire technical data system into a more accessible language where we could implement it and bring results to the Group Moura as a whole."

Augusto Monteiro
Systems Coordinator - Moura Group

"The only difference between data and oil is that oil may one day run out; but over time, the number and volume of data has only grown exponentially, which is why we turned to Indicium."

Wendel Bitencourt
Data Coordinator - Burger King

Indicium is driven by data and specializes in creating data science, analytics and AI solutions

We are an awarded data company worldwide for our advanced solutions.

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